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Cape Whale Coast
27 Feb


Spend the day in Hermanus with multi-faceted media personality, Candice Modiselle and her close friend and radio host, Melo Maoka, on their adventure-packed girls day out.

The beautiful coastal town of Hermanus sets the scene for an Insider SA adventure with two great friends, Candice Modiselle and Melo Maoka. Candice is a multi-talented creative who has achieved success in radio and television, while Melo is a banker and popular radio personality.

For their first activity, Candice and Melo take to the treetops for a ziplining tour over the forest. Despite being petrified of heights, Melo found herself loving the adrenaline rush, saying, “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

With feet firmly planted on the ground, Candice and Melo explain how the origins of their lifelong friendship began in radio when Melo interviewed Candice. Candice explains, “When we became friends, it was strange because it was almost like the friendship happened to us and we didn’t happen to it.” After keeping in contact over social media, the two have been inseparable since with Melo describing their connection as pure “magic.”

Melo shares, “Candice is genuinely the same person on-air and off-air. She’s very bubbly, smart, energetic and welcoming. That’s some of the things I really love about her. That’s the kind of person you need in your life.”

Candice knew they were destined to not only be friends, but sisters when they found out they actually had the same name. She explains, “She’s Boitumelo and my first name is Tumelo, but people know me more affectionately as Candice. So we’re literally Tumelo and Tumelo!”

Having conquered their fear of heights, Candice and Melo make their way to Gaansbaai – a rugged and unspoilt coastline situated halfway between Hermanus and Agulhas. It’s here where visitors can find the rare opportunity to sight both whales and sharks by boat.

Brenda Walters from Marine Dynamics Shark & Whale Tours shares more about the unique environment of Gaansbaai and its bursting population of the Marine Big Five. She explains, “Dyer Island is found just 8,5km off Gaansbaai and it’s such an important sea bird area – in fact it’s been classified as such by Bird Life South Africa. Just opposite that is Geyser Rock which has almost 40 000 to 50 000 Cape Fur Seals. And, in between is the famous shark alley. The seals attract one of the densest population of Great White sharks and Bronze Whaler sharks.”

This area is also populated by dolphins and whales that pass through the area such as Southern Rights, Humpbacks and Bryde’s whales. Amongst the marine life also includes the endangered African Penguin which groups like Marine Dynamics Shark & Whale Tours are actively trying to protect.

For their final adventure of the day, the best friends take a short trip inland to the famous wine producing area, Hemel-en-Arde. Due to the coastal climate,  a unique environment is nurtured to create world-class wines.

At the wine farm, Ataraxia – meaning pure happiness or inner happiness – Candice and Melo let their palates be seduced by some smooth chardonnay and a rare red blend named Serenity.

While sipping their wine, the two shares their plans for the year. While Candice wants to get behind the camera, Melo plans to get behind the mic. Candice shares, “I want to give back to the craft that’s fed me so generously in a way that other people can benefit. If my blessings aren’t blessing other people, then they aren’t blessings at all.” Melo wants to let go of her perfectionism and adds, “I’m definitely going back to radio! I just want to do more and make a difference.”

With a firm bond like theirs and a strong sister by their sides, Candice and Melo have nothing to fear in their adventure of life.


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