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South Africa’s Great Ocean Drive 🌊 Rooiels, Pringle Bay, Hangklip, Betty’s Bay, Kleinmond, Hawston, Onrus, Hermanus via Stanford to Gansbaai & Pearly Beach. Whale watching June till November. Nature, art, wine, science & adventure. 🐋
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Whale Museum

Whale Museum

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Whale Museum – Where do the whales that visit Hermanus come from? What do they eat? How do they reproduce and where do they disappear to during our summer months? What is spy hopping? The mysteries of these magnificent marine mammals are revealed at the Whale House Museum.

Well written and informative installations, a photographic exhibition and a suspended full-size southern right whale skeleton act as a window into the world of these magnificent mammals.

You’ll also meet whales’ fellow travelers. Barnacles and whale lice attach themselves to whales’ bodies and catch a ride through the seas. Whale lice aren’t lice at all but are, in fact, tiny crustaceans.

Migratory patterns of whales are examined, shedding light on why whales travel to Hermanus from June to December.
Reproduction is also explained. Calves are born underwater, tail first, and another whale cow acts as midwife. There is a strong bond between the mother and her calf. Suckling calves can grow at a rate of 30mm per day.

You can also find out what certain kinds of whale behaviour means. Terms like sailing, lobtailing, breaching, porpoising and spyhopping are explained. Then head outside to see the behaviour in action.

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    Whale Museum
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